Yellow Imbali

Following the successful collection of toiletry hamper for Imbali at the reed dance, the Foundation decided to embark on a more ambitious project.

Seeing that lack of toiletry is a serious impediment to progress for some of the more disadvantaged girls in the country, and at times leads to a regular monthly absence from school due to lack of resources to purchase even the most basic needs such as sanitary pads.

To alleviate this, the Imbali Foundation has partnered with MTN Swaziland and other partners to facilitate the aquisition and distribution of sanitary pads on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Selected traditional Imbali leaders (inkosatanas from the different chiefdoms) will be given training by MTN, these leaders will be the go-between informing the Foundation of the problems on the ground and allocating specially-created smart cards to needy girls in their communities. The smart cards will have certain amounts sent to them via mobile money. This will then be used to purchase the specially selected and labelled Imbali sanitary pads. These pads will have been sourced by the Foundation based on special discounts received from the supplying company. The funds for the campaign will be sourced from public donations. The Times of Swaziland will be instrumental in assisting in collecting those donations using adverts in their paper. Also, individuals and corporations are free to donate directly to the Yellow Imbali account.

It is expected that every month, over 5,000 girls will benefit directly from this sanitary pad distribution.