The Imbali Foundation was officially launched on 14 April 2013 at a function fittingly held at the Mantenga Cultural Village. It was a simple yet spectacular event.

The occasion was graced by local and foreign royalty, Prince Bhekamahlubi of the Hlubi Royal Kingdom, Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal House, chiefs, government officials, religious ministers, well-known celebrities as well as numerous leaders of the corporate world. The performances of the day were well-received as were the comments delivered by HRH Princess Sikhanyiso during her informative address of the gathered guests.

For girls, by girls

At the core of the Imbali Foundation, is the idea that girls create change in the world when they themselves become decision makers. The project seeks to enable girls to become actively engaged in taking initiative, planning for themselves, and making their own choices. This is done in a cultural context using existing customs and traditions and expanding on them to suit modern life, strengthening them with the core values of Trust, Hope, Faith, Respect and Love.

This thrust towards 'For girls, by girls' is reinforced and supported by the mentor-like follow-up of field staff, active engagement on behalf of the girls with local government offices and structures, and on-going oversight and stewardship from the side of project management.